Showcasing The Best Indonesian Product in the Centre of Europe

We are preparing our first edition of Mutigo Pop-Up Store in Brussels, which will be open in Summer 2019. We welcome any producers of products and services to be part of our Summer Pop-Up Store. Before deciding to participate, please keep in mind that our pop-up store is a showroom for your potential importers/buyers. It offers unique possibilities to expand your business opportunity in Europe.


The Content of Mutigo Pop-Up Store

  • This first edition of Mutigo Pop-Up Store is about mapping the demand of European market scene, exploring European market diversity, and connecting the people involved.
  • It is designed to be forward-looking, showcasing products with innovation spirit across the spectrum of craft, art, food and service-performance
  • It is a family friendly as well as effective business environment. it is not a platform for politics or religion.
  • Exhibitor Fees , please contact us

Guidelines to be part of Mutigo Pop-Up Store

  • Send us your best (of the best) product.
  • Short description of your product that contains information as follows :

1. The philosophy/ the idea behind the product (e.g recycle, eco-friendly, tradition-based technic, etc)

2. Where it was made

3. How it was made

4. What materials / ingredients that you use

5. Who made it (locals? Crafters ?)

6. The name of designer(s)

  • It is important that we know your goals, vision, resources and experience
  • Your product has to be a complete and a ready to wear/use/consume with enough stock to sell (Please don’t send us half ready product)
  • If your enterprise specialized in raw-material, please send us samples.

Our team which consists of experts from their respective fields will review all the products before deciding which product that match our criteria.

Please contact us if you’re interested/need more information/any questions regarding our pop-up store

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