Profesionalism with Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial spirit is a core of our DNA. Our hands-on attitude defines who we are and what we deliver to our clients. Our professionalism and commitment enable ourselves, our colleagues, our company and our clients to develop our full potential and realize our dreams.

With their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for impactful marketing, our colleagues in The House of Marketing will meet your expectations above and beyond.

Trailblazers for rockable marketing

The House of Marketing is a connecting-hub for marketing consultants where sharing knowledge is at the top of the agenda. The good mix of enthusiastic marketing graduates and experienced marketers gives The House of Marketing that special touch, unseen in the marketing community.

Dare to Accept the Challenge

We believe, a dream becomes a reality when we put our mind to it. At The House of Marketing, we dare to challenge the status quo and dream with our clients in these ever-changing times. Our entrepreneurial instinct and future-strategic vision on marketing enable us to inspire and to stimulate innovation, while keeping our finger firmly on the pulse of the latest marketing trends.

Creating Strategic Market-Hub

With the SMEs Market-Hub, you can buy and sell a wide range of products online and offline. Our global directory allows individuals to search and find businesses at ease and convenience, specifically in European market.